Our history and campaigns

APRIL 2018

While the promoter was still living in Junjungan, Ubud, first contacts were made with Role Foundation, asking for support and guidance on this project.

MAY 2018

Compilation of information to elaborate the project.

(Document attached)

First contact with organisations and individuals involved , both local and national, in order to introduce the zpl initiative and share knowledge, support and collaboration.

Design of brochures for the campaign

Design of the logo: my dream: a blue, healthy and clean ocean with a happy manta ray smiling at me

Design of the zero plastic lembongan project

Printing of brochures

Distribution of flyers

26th MAY: zpl supported the ‘Save the plastic’ beach clean up initiative in Desa Ped, (Nusa Penida), together with Trash Hero Nusa Penida.

Divulgation of the zero waste to ocean conference by emailing to individuals and organisations

JUNE 2018

Jungutbatu village, Nusa Lembongan

Campaign of information directed towards tourists, spreading the NO PLASTIC message, by placing fliers in English in warungs, restaurants, dive shops and hotels. Prior permission was asked to the office of the head of the village.

Campaign REFILL MY BOTTLE in english: for reducing the use of single use plastic water bottles, promoting the offer of gallon water in business by using a refillable bottle

Campaign SAY NO TO PLASTIC STRAWS by spreading bamboo straws in business with the laser engraved legend “zero plastic lembongan. Bali”

Campaign RESPECT THE MANTA RAYS forwarded to tourists in the SNORKLE BOAT: Every week, I try to go snorkle one day and distribute information about the code of conduct for swimming with manta rays (brochure provided by Marine Megafauna Foundation) and also spread the zero plastic campaign in the snorkle boat. I collect all the plastic I find in the ocean while I am snorkeling, veryn often also fishing lines wrapped in the coral and other hazardous stuff.

7th JUNE
Conference ZERO WASTE TO OCEANS, in Nusa Dua, organised by Role Foundation.

22nd JUNE

Beginning of the campaign SAY NO TO PLASTIC and REFILL MY BOTTLE in chinese: directed to resorts that mainly have chinese guests

27th JUNE:

Beginning of the campaign SAY NO TO PLASTIC and REFILL MY BOTTLE in bahasa indonesia: directed to local community, warungs, and local owned business


Business that have joined as a WATER REFILL STATION through the Zero Plastic Lembongan initiative:


1.- Bunda 7 bungalow. Also joined the bamboo straws initiative. No more plastic straws.
2.- Agung beach club. Plus joins bamboo straws
3.-Mola mola beach bar
4.-Jungutbatu Theatre Restaurant. Plus joins bamboo straws
5.-Dragon Warung. Plus joins bamboo straws
6.-Big fish diving
7.-Maria bomboe bali. Plus joins bamboo straws
8.-Warung 99 meals house.
9.-Two fish divers
10.-Ginger and jamu
11.- Nitya homestay and warung

12.-Ananta bungalow. Plus joins bamboo straws
13.-Nanuck warung. Plus joins bamboo straws
14.-Crystal penida warung. Already had bamboo straws.
15-Reeflex divers
JULY 2018

1st JULY: sammada beach club resort say no to plastic bottles, support zero plastic lembongan and join the refillmybottle campaign

1st JULY: begining of the printing and distribution of the campain in bahasa indonesia: consequences of plastic waste and effects of burning plastic.

Every day I would try to visit at least 2 different business, read this document with locals and tell them that they can keep it for a couple of days, then I will come back in 2 days to pick it up and discuss it with them; my goal is to provide information to locals, so they will be able to decide if they want to change their behaviour pattern about plastic use and plastic waste, and also gives me a good feedback of local opinions in order to organise, all together, an efficient regular collection of the separated plastic waste.

2nd JULY: KEPALA DESA JUNGUT BATU says YES to Zero Plastic Lembongan project and joins refillmybottle initiative. Since today, free drinking gallon water for everybody at the kepala desa office. No more plastic bottles.

Kepala Desa Jungut Batu :

Kepala desa jungut batu says yes…..

-Says yes and supports the zero plastic project and the informational campaign.

-Agrees to arrange a meeting with locals and business to organise a Lembongan clean up service and a plastic waste collection service.

He gives me permission to organise this meeting with the businesses in order to discuss and find a solution for the plastic waste problem.

3rd JULY: ARTHAMAS EXPRESS FERRY BOAT company says YES to Zero Plastic Lembongan project and joins refillmybottle initiative. Since today, on sale gallon water for customers .No more plastic bottles.

6th JULY : meeting with KEPALA ADAT KUNGUT BATU : he says YES and supports Zero Plastic Lembongan informational campaign.

kepala adat jungut batu says yes…

Since 10 JULY: distribution of a letter in english and in bahasa indonesia, in order to promote a meeting between Kepala Desa and business in order to set up a full time local cleaning brigade to clean up the island and in order to start a service for separating the plastic waste and collecting and recycling all the plastic waste. New meetings and people joining every day!

13 July: Donation to Zero Plastic Lembongan of 3 environmental educational DVD for children by IDEP FOUNDATION, in order to organise eco activities.

18 JULY: AGREEMENT of ZERO PLASTIC LEMBONGAN with FRIENDS OF LEMBONGAN and LEMBONGAN RECYCLING in order to support each other, collaborate and coordinate all the actions of Zero Plastic Lembongan Project (in Desa Jungut Batu) with Friends of Lembongan Project (in Desa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan) Lembongan Recycling.

19 JULY: Design of the project: EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR JUNGUT BATU CHILDREN. Looking for sponsors. Looking for a partner YAYASAN that can receive donations for the items and services needed to organise these activities.

25 JULY: design and promotion of the campaign ONE TOURIST: ONE PIECE OF PLASTIC. EVERY LITTLE ACTION COUNTS. Providing to marine activites companys a brochure with their logo, a briefing about the campaigns, and the code of conduct video made by Nusa Penida Marine Park and Coral Triangle Center, to educate snorkle and other marine sports tourists, spread the official code of conduct for snorkle and dive, awake awareness of the plastic problem and encourage a blue movement in order to help clean our ocean and protect our marine wildlife.

27 JULY: design and promotion of campaign BUY MY REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE: BUY MY BOTTLE AND GET FREE/CHEAP DRINKING WATER forwarded to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, dive shops, big resorts and marine activites pontoons. Providing information about different options and suppliers of unexpensive refillable water bottles, in order to the promote the refuse of single use plastic bottles and encourage the refill.


Business that have joined as a WATER REFILL STATION through the Zero Plastic Lembongan initiative:

Desa Jungut Batu. Nusa Lembongan.
16.- KANTOR DESA JUNGUT BATU. Nusa Lembongan
19.-Warung Bu Edy. Plus joins bamboo straws
20.-Dive concepts lembongan
21.-Warung D&B. Already had bamboo straws.


8th June

Campaign SAY NO TO PLASTIC, in English, directed to tourists , placing fliers in Sanur Harbour, around the boat ticket office OPTASAL, with the goal of encourage tourists not to bring and use single use plastic bottles, straws, bags and takeaways, while their holiday on the islands.


1st AUGUST:LEMBONGAN SURF TEAM says YES and supports ZPL project and joins us in our campaign brochures with its logo.

2nd August: Design and printing of the sticker SAYA MEMBERSIHKAN LEMBONGAN!SAYA CINTA LEMBONGAN! to distribute for the promotion of LEMBONGAN CLEANING SERVICES and the big clean up of the Island


2nd August:Presentation of our brochure campaigns and project to LEMBONGAN SNORKELING ORGANISATION during an evening meeting. Conversations with the Kepala of the organisation inviting all of them to join our next meeting and to support our initiative for the creation of LEMBONGAN CLEANING SERVICES and the big clean up of the island.

3rd AUGUST : distribution of brochures campaign “say no to single use plastic” at the optasal office, Sanur Harbour.

Campaign at Sanur Optasal Office

3rd August: Donation by SANKHARA BALI of 48 reusable canvas bags with the Zero Plastic Lembongan LOGO to distribute them on the island.

Campaign SAY NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC, in 3 languages : English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Chinese

3rd and 4th august: say no to single use plastic campaign in Ubud. Distribution of brochures.

Beginning new connections with like minded partners: Plastikdetox Bali.

5th and 6th August: making up our website with Bali Web Maker in Ubud town.

7th August. The Personal Assistant of the Klungkung Regency Bupati confirms our appointment for the next 9th August at 8:00 am.

8th August. Preparation of the meeting with the Bupati and finding a translator for the interview.

9th August: Meeting with KLUNGKUNG BUPATI Bapak I Nyoman Suwirta and with the KEPALA DINAS LINGKUNGAN HIDUP Bapak I Agung Kirana.

They say YES and support our project and initiatives in Desa Jungut Batu and agree to collaborate with us in the promotion of a community engagement for environmental education.

They introduce to us the TOSS PROGRAMME (Technology for Sampah) that is currently being tested in the Klungkung Regency and allow us to visit their facilities.


Meeting with KEPALA DINAS LINGKUNGAN HIDUP and with KABID PENGELOLAAN SAMPAH Pak I Made Urdaya , from UPT (UNIT PELAKSANAAN TEKNIS), in order to organise our future collaboration.

17th August: local meeting in Desa Jungut Batu for the public presentation of the initiative LEMBONGAN CLEANING SERVICES to the whole community.

Design of the brochure for the presentation

20th August: Zero Plastic Lembongan starts the promotion of PLASTIKDETOX BALI CAMPAIGN in order to promote eco friendly businesses in Nusa Lembongan.


23rd August: second meeting in Desa Jungut Batu in order to debate the organisation and fundraising for the LEMBONGAN CLEANING SERVICES.

24th AUGUST : Zero Plastic Lembongan attends the WATERMAN’s and WATERWOMAN’s AWARDS NIGHT organised by R.O.L.E. Foundation in Nusa Dua.

25th August: Donation of 4 WOODEN ROAD SIGNBOARDS by Refillmybottle in order to promote the water refill stations in Desa Jungut Batu.

Business that have joined as a WATER REFILL STATION through the Zero Plastic Lembongan initiative:

Desa Jungut Batu. Nusa Lembongan.

22.-Lembongan Dive Center
23.- Roctopus dive
24.- Newbro surf shop




-15th september 2018, 7 am: INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEAN UP DAY.

Zero Plastic Lembongan joins and supports this event organised by Ocean Conservancy and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia in Sanur, Bali.

-15 september 2018, 5 pm: Zero Plastic Lembongan joins and supports the

-29th september 2018

Charity community cleaning service

Our succesful inauguration event was held on 29th September 2018, at the TK KUMARA JAYA (Playground school) in DESA JUNGUTBATU, Nusa Lembongan, Bali.

For that event, we were honoured with the attendance and support of the Bupati Klungkung, the Kepala Dinas Lingkungan Hidup of the Klungkung Regency, the Kabid Pengelolaan Sampah of Nusa Penida, and all the TEAM of UPT (Unit Pelaksanaan Teknis) of DLHP NUSA PENIDA; we were honoured with the BLESSING BY THE PEMANGKU of our cleaning team (being the Pemangku the headmaster of the school SDN 1 of Desa Jungutbatu) and honoured and delighted with the music from the GAMELAN MUSICIANS STUDENTS of the Hotel and Marine High School of Nusa Penida (SMA WISATA DARMA) and the MAUMERE DANCE performed by all the little children of the Playground school of Desa Jungutbatu (TK KUMARA JAYA).

Many organisations, members of our supporter businesses, and other different stakeholders joined us for that event, as Indonesian Waste Platform, Friends of the National Parks Foundation, Gringgo Trash Tech, Ministry of Waste, Danone…….and others.

LEMBONGAN CLEANING’s goal is to clean up all the common areas of Desa Jungutbatu (mangrove, beaches, roadsides and jungle) of all the debris, plastic waste and hazardous waste that has been accumulated for a long time…and it is our wish to achieve that goal before the rainy season starts, in order to prevent all this garbage to be washed up by the rains and end up in our ocean, polluting our oceans and killing our wildlife.




-1st October 2018: LEMBONGAN CLEANING starts its operational cleaning works starting in the Mangrove Area of Desa Jungutbatu.

-8th october 2018: LEMBONGAN CLEANING post its first weekly report

-30th october 2018: Zero Plastic Lembongan accepts the invitation from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia, Indonesian Plastic Recyclers Association (ADUPI) and PT TIRTA INVESTAMA (DANONE-AQUA) in order to join the OUR OCEAN CONFERENCE-SIDE EVENT on the 30th October at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Indonesia.

Side event: “Collaboration actions across industries and beyond, for a sustainable plastic collection, education and innovation to prevent marine littering in Indonesia”


11-18 June 2018

ZPL Campaign at the beach, collecting plastic waste from coastline and rivers, giving information to warungs and food stalls about the plastic waste problem and its consequences, placing fliers of the NO PLASTIC campaign in English in several beach warungs, parking area, palm trees in the coastlin, local snorkle company and several bungalows.

Campaign REFILL MY BOTTLE in English, offering gallon water instead of plastic water bottles: 2 beach warungs, 2 bungalows and one dive shop at crystal bay joined this initiative during the campaign. Pending 2 resorts and one warung.

Campaign SAY NO TO PLASTIC STRAWS. 3 warungs/food stalls at crystal bay are now using bamboo straws instead of plastic ones.

Promotion of the creation of a TRASH HERO PENIDA CHAPTER in CRYSTAL BAY by contacting locals and business and looking for a team leader to run it, and support from the community.

Photo reportage of the current plastic waste situation at Crystal Bay, behind the food stalls at the beach and right in the river, where a landfill is growing up, with severe health and environmental consequences, in order to inform of the ecological disaster to the local authorities, Indonesian Waste Platform, Coral Triangle Center, Friends of the National Park foundation and the University of Bali, to clean it up and to find a solution to prevent this happening in then future.

FUTURE actions, still in process:

Campaign in order to clean up the landfill of CRYSTAL BAY BEACH AND RIVER

Zero plastic campaign in bahasa indonesia: distribution of fliers at Crystal bay.


It is my dream and my goal: a zero plastic, blue, healthy and clean ocean with a happy manta ray smiling at me


Desa Jungut Batu
Nusa Lembongan
Klungkung Regency


Email: carmen@zeroplasticlembongan.com